Rare Stringer

The Delux Stringer #2. (Circa 1964) The Nat Young Land Surfa Model

Like the Fred Williams stringer board, this board was manufactured as a delux model. This is a very rare board indeed. Not many were manufactured or survived. The one shown above is in my collection. I have only come across two of these style boards ever.

I contacted Leo regarding this model and he recalls making this board during the early years. He mentioned that it was a more economical board to manufacture than the Fred Williams delux model as he could make this in house rather than outsource the blanks from Fred Williams like the predecessor. He purchased a high pressure press for the task. He then glued and laminated a thin timber veneer onto the original Surfa Sam style solid board creating this striking finish.

Around that time in surfing history, Midget Farrelly had endoursed a board manufactured by the The Surf Skate Manufacturing Company located at Brookvale. Leo thought it would be a good idea to also have a great Aussie surfer endourse his board as well. He approached Nat Young and offered him a royality to have his name on the board. These were the the two biggest names in the Australian surfing scene at that time.

This particular board pictured above is in excellent condition for its age.


The one below shows off the Nat Young brand.

These two photos below were sent to me by Tony Knox. Thanks mate.

new style stringerTHE NAT YOUNG LANDSURFA


another stringer

Thank you Leo


Everyone please keep sending me photos of your Surfa sams. Occasionally there is an unknown gem that pops up.