I am still trying to make contact with Midget but have had no luck so far. He put his name to a line of skateboards during the Australian beginning years (early to mid 60's) and I will get his full story eventually. Please email me Midget.

I recently discovered (July 2011) that he now has a web site and there is a bit more info to look at.

All I have at this point, besides the awesome photos and info below is, in the words of Midget himself, " Paul and John Witzig they came up with a full blown skateboard manufacturing business and they needed a name to put on the skateboard and my name went on". This was to be Australia’s first signature model skateboards. Running for around two to three years of production. This has yet to be confirmed.

Surf Skate Manufacturing Co, Australia, 1964-1965

Via Skateboard Dist Aust Brookvale

Check out Midget's style when he rode back in the day.

This is the top of the range Custom Board 1965 range.

midgetmidget branddouble base plate

A big thank you to Tony Hallam for this photo above.


Thank you to Dan & Lorraine for supplying these items from their private magazine collection, and of course thank you Surfing World Magazine for the original copy. Vaughan & Michael

Surfing World 1965 1

Surfing world 1965 2The all new 1965 rangeMidget riding promoMidget always the winner slalomMidget design blurbKeyo surfboards sell farrelly skateboards