WARRICK bullet

Now here is the first board I ever owned. It was manufactured in England in the mid sixties. It had rubber wheels and was slow but smooth compared to my Sam. I received the Sam a year later as a Christmas present along with a Corgi Batmobile and boat. At the time the Sam was shod in clay and was noisy, but much faster.

It was interesting how I came by my little blue deluxe (not my original one pictured). My grandfather Bert Watson (R.I.P) worked for the council at the time and found it on the side of the road in a cleanup. This was around 1965. My sister (Karen) and I rode this thing up and down the street for hours, no computers or video games back then just solid rubber tyre scooters, tricycles & black and white tv.

Along came my Sam in 1966 and the bullet was religated full time to my sister. Those were the days! It was great having someone to ride with. Don't forget, at the time I was pretty much a lone rider growing up in the inner west suburbs of Sydney Australia. Things hadn't taken off in Australia yet and it would be several years of riding solo and with my sister before the craze kicked in. This quiet period in Australia was mainly was due to the fact that America was in the throws of banning and otherwise outlawing skateboard riding due to bad publicity, safety concerns and the hype that skateboard riding was linked to juvenile surfie delinquents. Australia generally followed the trends of America, therefore no boom for a while.

Paul 2008 Surfa Sam